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Compliance Pack for Universities

Provide your staff with essential training flexibly and cost-effectively

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With so much focus on standards in universities, the need for high-quality compliance training has never been greater. And this is where we can help! With our Compliance Pack for Universities, you can provide your staff with a full year's access to a range of CPD Certified e-learning courses... all at an amazingly cost-effective rate.

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Building your training pack is easy. You just need to select a minimum of three courses from the following range:

Equality & Diversity Briefing

Gives staff a practical understanding of equality & diversity, and their rights and responsibilities under the law. Now updated to include a context-sensitive Ask the Expert resource, providing further information and advice to staff.

Dignity at Work

Enables staff to recognise unacceptable behaviours – such as bullying and harassment – and respond appropriately to any issues they encounter.

Communicating with Care

Helps staff break down barriers to diversity – including unconscious bias – and communicate confidently and effectively with different people.

Implementing Reasonable Adjustments for Students

Enables staff to identify issues and take practical steps to ensure disabled students are treated fairly.

Data Protection Briefing

Provides staff with a practical guide to protecting personal data and complying with the Data Protection Act. Now updated to include additional case studies exploring how the law applies in practice.

Information Security Essentials

Help your staff counter cyber security threats and protect the sensitive information they work with.

Freedom of Information Essentials

Provides staff with an understanding of their responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act.

Working with the Prevent Duty

Helps staff implement the Prevent Duty in a sensitive way, in order to protect the vulnerable, without marginalising groups.

ROSPA approved

Health & Safety Essentials

A comprehensive suite of eight modules covering a range of essential topics, including: risk assessment, working with computers, manual handling, stress, fire safety and more.

Safeguarding Essentials

Provides staff with the knowledge they need to take a positive approach to safeguarding and respond appropriately to any issue they encounter. Now updated to cover radicalisation, the prevent duty, online abuse & exploitation, FGM and forced marriage.

Anti Bribery Essentials

Enables staff to identify the four main offences defined by the Bribery Act and take appropriate action. Now updated to include a wider range of university case studies exploring how the law applies in practice.

Anti Money Laundering Essentials

Provides staff with a practical understanding of money laundering: what it is, what to look out for, and what to do.

Whistleblowing Essentials

Enables staff to recognise fraud and other forms of wrongdoing and know how to respond if they encounter any issues.


Our courses are already being successfully deployed within dozens of universities and colleges across the UK. We're confident they're the best available online, but you don't just have to take our word for it! Sign up for our free, no-obligation trial and you’ll have four weeks to evaluate the courses for yourself.

* Free trial access is limited to one person per university. If you'd like to trial the courses with a number of staff, please contact us to discuss options. Note that signing up for the trial places you under no obligation to purchase or continue using the courses; at the end of the trial period your login will expire, without you having to do anything.